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Leaning in to Awkward Charm

I consider my awkwardness to be part of my charm. I refer to it as my awkward charm. I think people have many misconceptions about what...

The Metamorphosis of Art

Every artist, no matter the medium inevitably feels tied to their work. However we all also know the feeling of having a project that for...

The Detachment Realization

I write quite a bit of sad songs, sad love songs in particular which is not news to anyone that knows my music. However I realized...

Serendipity – Crazy Coincidence

I really want to share with you all something that I wrote about three years ago. I don’t really know why I never published it, its...

Loss of a Friend

Years ago I was crazy about this guy he was fun, hilarious, talented and cute, so cute. I still remember the night we met my friend had a...

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