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Let's Stay Home - How to Stay Sane While Doing Your Part

Although we are living in uncertain times, there is something we can do to help. Let's Stay Home. While at home there are some things we can do to take care of ourselves and bring a bit of normalcy to the madness. Here are some tips on how to stay not only healthy but happy while we do our part to prevent the spread.

Scheduling Your Day - Especially if you find yourself home from work

Breathe - Deep breathing helps us to relax and sends a message to our brain to calm down

Eat Well - Whole grains, Fruits and Veggies are great sources of Vitamin C and Zinc

Unplug - Stay informed but don't let yourself be drowned by CNN or Sky News

Stay Active - Exercise produces endorphins that help to reduce stress and combat anxiety and depression

Stay Connected - Video Chat with friends and family, have a virtual happy hour like we did or a Zoom dance party

Encourage Others - There is more happiness in giving than receiving, by encouraging others we encourage ourselves

Be Creative - Write, Draw, Paint, Cook, Bake, Play an Instrument, Make something with your hands, you may find your happy place

Get Sleep - Sleep is essential to our immune health

Plan for the Future - Thinking positively by having something to look forward to can give us the motivation to tolerate temporary pain and frustration

We are in this together and we can get through this. Support those on the front lines, Stay Home and Stay Safe.

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