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Poema Cava Sparkling Up Our Summer Vibes

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

A Tipsy Tuesday Summer Night, an open bottle, and a sweet treat, enjoying the setting of the sun with your bestie sipping on something soothing. There's just something about Summer that has us all from 7 to 77 feeling like the night air is full fancy. The delicious seasonal fruit, warmer weather and longer days, bring out that youthful feeling in us all. Tonight we choose to lounge with the refreshing bubbles of Poema. To revive your inner child and maximize your Summer Vibes try our take on a Peach Bellini with Poema Cava.

Serves 2

1 Bottle of Poema Cava

2 Peach Popsicles (fresh fruit)

2 Wine Glasses

1 Patio

String lights

Water Fountain

Background Music

1 Good Friend

Summer Night (Essential)

Place a popsicle in each glass and pour in Poema to taste. Sit back and enjoy a relaxing summer night, chat and laugh as the bubbles of Poem Cava combine with the peach and bounce off your tongue. This is what summer is all about. We are spending our Summer nights with Poema Cava join us.

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