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The Metamorphosis of Art

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Every artist, no matter the medium inevitably feels tied to their work. However we all also know the feeling of having a project that for all intensive purposes is finished and at the same time we feel it’s never quite done. I have always felt this way, even if I’m happy with the “finished” product. I feel like there is always the opportunity for expansion, sometimes a part 2 or 3 or just another version or maybe a follow up piece that ultimately winds up becoming a series. In the past I have found this to be true when it comes to both my paintings and poetry. When painting it is easy to visualize the distinctions usually because you have to essentially recreate or reinterpret a piece quite physically. For me this always leads to having a series of paintings all different yet somehow all part of the same story. With poetry or any written work however, whether or not put on stage or film the expansion or evolution can take a more subtle route though the destination may change drastically. For instance I’ve found myself having written something and calling it finished but 3 days, 3 months or maybe even 3 years later, coming back to it and finding that I have something more or maybe even a lot different to say. I think this comes with the creative mind usually also being that of an over thinker.

Most recently I found myself making changes to songs I’ve written and thought were complete. Let’s pause there so I can tell you whats going on with me…….

I have been working on my debut album and my website simultaneously. If you’re reading this its because I’ve launched and you have entered my world. So any-who, I’ve been combing through my song archives working out what to record. A while ago I sat down with my biggest supporter and toughest critic (my mom) to narrow the list. A few weeks after that I spent an entire night with a friend of mine playing him the 13 songs as we tried to shave it down to 7 while he gave me feedback and thoughts on arrangement. However this week as I’ve been adding entries to a page on my site dedicated to my song lyrics, typing and singing each song as I typed (some I haven’t sung or played in years) I found myself changing lyrics. Not just for the heck of it but for the need, each keystroke feeling imminent and unstoppable.

I recently read the article Reassuring Life Advice For Struggling Artist written by Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner. I could see myself in his words. I think it is vital that we show our brushstrokes. I am thankful to have a good group of trusted advisers, I know I can always depend on to give me honest opinions on my “works in progress”. This group of creative minds across all mediums are what I like to call my creative think tank. I’d like to think that we all sharpen each other and consciously or subconsciously make each other strive to be better at what we do.

Over time its undeniable that we change and grow as does the world around us. We are constantly influenced by the things we imbibe, the experiences we are exposed to and the people we interact with. That is part of the reason I am including a blog space on my site. I want to share with you all, the things that make me who I am, and in turn I hope it will move you to do the same. Spending the past week revisiting these songs, though I still relate to them in some ways even more now, it has served as a reminder to me that I am a different person than I was when I wrote them. A different person than I was two years ago, two months ago and even two days ago. And the person I am has something a little different to say. Good thing is I don’t believe it’s ever to late to let your art evolve with you. It’s part of us so its perfectly fine if it happens grow and changes for the better with us. I’ll leave you with a lyric from my upcoming single About Me, “…turns out I’m still learning, just a little more about me.”

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